10 Ways to Paws-itively Love Your Dog on National Dog Day!

dog waiting for dog treat

Let’s face it – we really don’t deserve dogs. These benevolent little floofs are always up for adventure and wait patiently for us to come home from work, greeting us enthusiastically when we walk through the door. They know when we’re down and are there to kiss away every tear, and they love us unconditionally like no other creature could.

We may not know exactly what we did to deserve these sweet animals’ presence in our lives, but someone was smart enough to create a holiday to celebrate our furry friends – National Dog Day, which is on August 26! If you have a dog or know a dog or love dogs or wish you had a dog, there are plenty of ways to spread the love this National Dog Day!

Here are 10 ways you can make your pupper or doggo feel extra loved on his or her special day!

Make Her Homemade Treats – We don’t know of any doggy that doesn’t like treats. After all, they aim to please and love hearing that they’re good boys or girls, and a little tasty snack makes the praise even sweeter. Show your love by making her a few yummy treats! Try one (or two… or, what the h*ck, all of them!) from this list of easy-to-make dog treats.

Teach Him a New Trick – Remember when we said that dogs want to please their hoomans? Give your buddy another way to do just that by teaching him an all-new trick. Your pup will love learning something new and he will feel closer to you in the process!

Pamper Her to the Fullest – Your four-legged friend deserves the best. Make the day all about her by giving her a nice, relaxing bath. If your doggo has skin issues, she will definitely appreciate it! Brush her and give her a full body massage and a paw-dicure to make her feel like the queen she is!

Go Out and Have Fun Together – Is there a canine out there that doesn’t love a good adventure? We don’t think so! Whether you’re feeling like a short car ride on country roads, heading out to somewhere new (for those new smells, of course!), or going for a walk, your buddy will enjoy it, paws down!

Visit the Dog Park – Give your floofer an afternoon of fun by taking him or her to a nearby dog park! Your pupper will enjoy frolicking around and getting to know others of his or her kind along the way.

Treat ‘em to Something New – Everyone likes getting presents on special days, and your furry friend is one of them! Lavish her with new toys and puzzles. Find him a dashing collar leash set for those future walks you’ll take together. Your buddy will be so excited, even if they don’t realize that it’s National Dog Day.

Play Games Together – Look, we get it. You’re tired after a long day of work. The couch is practically screaming your name, and all you want to do is keep binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix. But your good boi or girl has been waiting all day for you to return and wants some quality you time! Toss the ball or Frisbee a few times, play hide-and-seek, or hide treats for your sweet scenthound to sniff out. Your pup will love the extra attention!

Donate to Local Shelters – Your four-legged friend already knows that he’s lucky to have you, but sadly, there are countless other dogs out there that have nowhere to call home. Celebrate National Dog Day by supporting your local shelter or animal welfare organization. Donate gently-used blankets and toys, food, and any other supplies they may need to make their dogs feel happy and loved until they find their fur-ever home. Go the extra mile and become a regular volunteer!

Spend Quality Time Together – No matter what you choose to do today, make sure that you give your special boy or girl plenty of love and attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re loafing in front of the TV together, dressing her up in a goofy costume and having a photo shoot, or visiting with other people and animals you both love, your doggy will feel super happy and closer to you.

Throw a Party – Of course, there’s nothing like a good party. Invite all your hooman friends (and their doggos!) to join in on the fun. Don’t forget the cake – decorated with your dog’s face on it!

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