11 Smash Cake Dos and Don’ts You Definitely Need to Know

One Year Old Birthday Portraits with smash cake

It’s finally happening. After several sleepless nights, countless Google searches (or calls to Mom), and changing way too many diapers, your baby is turning 1! Amidst all the chaos that raising a newborn brings, you’ve no doubt experienced a great amount of pride and joy, and you want to make your child’s birthday a special event to share with your family and friends.

Many parents are choosing to celebrate their child’s first birthday with a smash cake, but not all pastries are created equal. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are 11 dos and don’ts to make your son or daughter’s big day, well, smashing!

DO Think About Flavor – This may be your child’s first time tasting one of humankind’s greatest inventions (the cake, of course). Make sure you find a cake that’s next to irresistible. Helpful hint: get one that you would want to eat yourself.

DON’T Wait Till the End for Cake – When you’re throwing a party for your 1-year-old, you should monitor how he or she is feeling when it comes to cake time. Instead of waiting until the end of the party for the main event, do it whenever your baby is the most energetic. He or she will be bound to enjoy the cake way more this way!

DO Make It Colorful – Why settle for some ho-hum icing color? This is a celebration, darn it, so go all out with something fun and bright!

DON’T Go Overboard – Yes, there is such a thing as overdoing a cake. When it comes to smash cakes, you’ll want to avoid massive decorations and using fondant. It’s too tough for young’uns to break into and destroy/enjoy. We suggest using a buttercream or whipped cream icing.

DO Be Ready to Clean Up – Let’s face it. Your 1-year-old’s party is definitely going to be fun, but it’s gonna get messy. Keep plenty of towels and some water on hand to help wipe the icing off your child’s face and hands. Don’t forget to have a change of clothes ready, too!

DON’T Keep It Cold – If you pick up your cake a day or two early, it’s definitely okay to refrigerate it. Just remember to pull it out of the fridge before the party so it can soften a bit, allowing the guest of honor to demolish it without abandon.

DO Keep It Casual – Sorry, but now is not the time to pull out the fancy little ensembles for your son or daughter to wear. Trust us on this. Instead, choose an outfit that will be forgiving if it’s stained.

DON’T Be Upset If They Hate It – Children are all different. Some may really enjoy smashing their little cake up and shoving it into their mouths by the fistful. Others just aren’t into it for one reason or another. If your kiddo doesn’t want anything to do with the cake, don’t be upset. If nothing else, it will make for a good story in the future (and bonus – you won’t have nearly as big of a mess to clean up after the party!).

DO Give Them a Little Taste – If this is your child’s first experience with cake, they may not know that it’s edible. Try putting a little bit of cake on your finger for them to taste. Chances are your youngster will enjoy it and dig in (literally).

DON’T Obsess – We live in a very social media-driven society. You’re probably used to seeing picture-perfect moments on your timeline of your friend’s kid looking like a little cherub as she crinkles her eyes in delight with just enough cake in her hand. This isn’t a contest. Remember what really matters: you raised a tiny human for an entire year, which in itself is something worth celebrating. Put down the phone. Take the time to cherish the moment and have fun with your family and friends.

DO Get Two Cakes – While you no doubt want to spoil your little one, don’t forget to get something sweet for your adult guests to enjoy, too! You can opt for a larger version of the smash cake you chose for your 1-year-old.

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