Preorder Your Thanksgiving Goodies at McArthur’s Before It’s Too Late!

pumpkin pie and some really cute miniature pumpkins

Ready or not, Thanksgiving is just a handful of days away! While you may be scrambling to get the turkey, side dishes, and all your favorite Thanksgiving Day fixings ready, you might be forgetting one big part of your feast: the desserts.

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Looking for Tasty Donations for a Good Cause? McArthur’s Can Help!

a plate full of pastries from McArthur's Bakery Cafe

We love St. Louis, and when we say we love St. Louis, we mean it. Aside from creating delicious pastries, breads, and savory foods every day, we make it our mission to reach out to those in need and contribute in whatever way we can. Of course, we do it the way we know best – by making and providing mouthwatering food for everyone to enjoy!

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