3 Awesome Ways McArthur’s Is Making Your Holidays Even Jollier

a spread of delicious holiday treats from McArthur's

We know that December is a whirlwind of a month. If you’re not busy buying and wrapping the perfect presents for your loved ones, you’re making plans to attend (and bring food to) all of the get-togethers on your list. That’s why McArthur’s is taking a few extra steps to help make your holidays a little brighter and less stressful!

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Make Your Special Day Even Sweeter with Our Wedding Dessert Bar Treats!

Donuts and cupcakes at a wedding dessert bar

The big day has finally arrived, you’ve said your vows, and you’re ready to get this party started with all of your closest friends and family. And then it happens. You’re out on the dance floor spending some quality time dancing with your spouse, cutting a rug with your pals, or chatting up that cousin you only get to see once every few years when the announcement comes in: “It’s time for the wedding couple to cut the cake!”

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