10 Delicious Office Birthday Treats That Aren’t Cake

chocolate dipped fruit

Ohhhh, office birthday parties. You know something sweet’s about to go down when you see a big ol’ sheet cake in the fridge or on the break room table, complete with a card and – dare we say it? – confetti.

We all have a love-hate relationship with office birthday celebrations, really. While everyone enjoys congratulating someone for getting older, it can all become a little, well, monotonous. The same sheet cake with the same message (“Happy birthday, [insert name here]!”), well-meaning coworkers awkwardly singing “Happy Birthday” off-key, and, of course, the stares from said coworkers as you try to daintily yet gracefully bite into that sugar-laden concoction called a cake. Yes, we see you nodding your head along with that smirk on your face.

Whoever said that we have to have cake when we celebrate birthdays at work? No one, that’s who! So don’t be afraid to spice it up a bit with these 10 different dessert ideas:

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6 Ways to Win at Promposing with McArthur’s

winning at promposals

It’s that time of the year again – a time when the world seems a little more colorful, the birds chirp a little more, and flowers can be seen pretty much everywhere.

No, we’re not talking about spring. We’re talking about prom season.

If you still haven’t found a date to prom or are maybe agonizing over how to ask your girlfriend, boyfriend, or crush to the big event, then don’t fear. We’ve got some sweet ideas to help you make the most memorable promposal yet without getting on the loudspeaker and singing a parody of that one sappy Adam Sandler song from “The Wedding Singer.

Say It with a Cake – Make your promposal a piece of cake – literally (We’ll be here all night.). Go all out with a customized tiered, prom-themed cake or choose a simpler, more personalized route with an eloquently decorated sheet cake in your date’s favorite flavor.

Spell It out with Cookies – There’s nothing wrong with getting right to the point, especially if your date-to-be is a little, well, oblivious. Lay your cards all on the table with a dozen delicious cookies. Include some decorated as dresses, tuxes, or limos, but make sure you save 5 of them to spell out “P-R-O-M-?”

Corsage Cupcakes – Corsages are – dare we say it? – so overrated. They’re cumbersome, uncomfortable, and die within a few days. Give her a corsage she’ll definitely enjoy: a tasty cupcake ornately decorated as a blooming rose!

Donuts – Who doesn’t like donuts? No one, that’s who. Give your potential prom date a box of his or her favorite donuts, writing out “P-R-O-M-?” or maybe a “yes” or “definitely” on a few of the pastries. Of course, you could always go for a sweet pun. We humbly suggest writing “I donut want to go with anyone else” on the inside of the box.

Cookie Cake – Combine two of the best desserts ever invented – cookies and cake – to create a treat that will pretty much be impossible for anyone to say no to. Ascribe some cute and clever words to woo your date, perhaps alluding to the fact that it would be a “treat” to take him or her with you to prom (See what we did there?).

Give Them a Box of Sweets in Person – All things old-school and vintage are so in right now. Prompose the old-fashioned way: simply show up with a box of sweets and ask them to be your date. Bonus points if you stand outside their window holding a boom box and playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” beforehand.

Don’t settle for anything subpar. Make sure you get your promposal right by stopping by McArthur’s first to pick up your sweet treat of choice!