10 Ways to Paws-itively Love Your Dog on National Dog Day!

dog waiting for dog treat

Let’s face it – we really don’t deserve dogs. These benevolent little floofs are always up for adventure and wait patiently for us to come home from work, greeting us enthusiastically when we walk through the door. They know when we’re down and are there to kiss away every tear, and they love us unconditionally like no other creature could.

We may not know exactly what we did to deserve these sweet animals’ presence in our lives, but someone was smart enough to create a holiday to celebrate our furry friends – National Dog Day, which is on August 26! If you have a dog or know a dog or love dogs or wish you had a dog, there are plenty of ways to spread the love this National Dog Day!

Here are 10 ways you can make your pupper or doggo feel extra loved on his or her special day!

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Celebrate National Sandwich Month with Our New Selections!

McArthur's sandwich

The month of August can mean a lot of different things. It signals the end of summer vacation and the beginning of the school year. But did you know that August is also officially National Sandwich Month?

Named after John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, in the late 1700s (yes, this is a real thing!), this popular lunchtime delicacy has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, so it’s only right that we dedicate one month of the year to celebrate it. And what better way than to savor new sandwich choices at McArthur’s Bakery?!

Check out our fresh, delicious menu selections below to celebrate National Sandwich Month right!

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