5 German Baking Traditions for Christmas

5 German Christmas baking traditions

Experiencing the same ol’ Christmas cookies year after year can get tiresome. Which is a shame, really, because sweet treats are (in our humble opinion) the best part of the season. Well, to boring holiday desserts we say humbug! We invite you to keep it fresh and fun this year with some great traditional German Christmas baked goods. Check out our 5 favorites below:
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4 Fun Facts You Need to Know About Springerles

fun facts about springerles

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s time to get ready to enjoy a medley of delicious treats! While you might be dreaming of sugar plums (Who actually eats those anyway?), chocolate chip cookies, or – dare we say it? – fruitcakes dancing in your stomach, you should set your palate for a true holiday sensation – the springerle!

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