What Your Favorite Cake Flavor Says About You

favorite cake

Have you ever lain awake in bed at night wondering about the deep mysteries of the universe? What is the meaning of life? Are we really alone in the universe? And why on earth do we celebrate all sorts of occasions with cake as the dessert of choice? Well, we can help answer the last question: it’s partially because cakes were seen as special when they were expensive to make and were sort of befitting of royalty or a god. Also because cake is delicious, duh.

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New Year’s Resolution: Eat Dessert in a Beneficial Way

dessert benefits

When you think of desserts a few weeks into 2019, you probably are thinking about how you overindulged last year and how you wanted to give all of them up as a part of your New Year’s Resolution. Well, stop right there! There are actually benefits to eating dessert! Don’t believe us (but want to)? Keep on reading to return that sweet, irresistible dessert to your life once more:

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