3 Trends That Really Put the Icing on the Cake

It’s that time of year when it’s finished raining and we’re supposed to have a caboodle of flowers everywhere. This is also a trendy time of year when many soon-to-be brides become forever united with their spouses. After the happy couple’s vows have been promised, they undergo their first task as a couple – cutting the wedding cake.

Thousands of couples will be wed in 2016 – that’s a great deal of wedding cakes! Since there are hundreds of thousands of artfully designed cakes to be cut into this year, we decided to let you in on this year’s cake trends!

Naked Cakes

Here’s the skinny: love has never been more exposed. Why cover up the delicious inner contents of the cake when you don’t have to? It’s 2016 and it’s acceptable for your cake to party naked.

Ombre Cakes

Ombre is so 2016! Well, for wedding cakes, anyway. Just as the love for one another grows stronger overtime, the faint color at the top tier of the cake slowly grows bolder in color.

Monogrammed Cakes

Monogrammed cakes are a cute and fun way to personalize your wedding cake. Plus, if you put your name on the cake, you don’t necessarily have to share.

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