4 Delicious Bite-Sized Treats to Serve at Your Graduate’s Party

cake pops

The day has finally come, whether you like it or not. Your little boy or girl is finally a big-shot graduate, whether it’s from junior high, high school, college, or grad school. We know, it’s hard to fight back the tears. But now’s the time to commemorate your grad’s achievements (and your being one step closer to having the house to yourself again)!

Sure, it might be June, but that just means that more people will be able to attend your grad’s big party now that the insanity of May is over. And what better way to impress your guests and celebrate with some out-of-this-world bite-sized desserts? Here are 4 finger-food-esque treats you can try out:

Cake Pops – Who doesn’t love a cake pop (or two…or three+)? You’d have to be pretty much soulless to not love the decadent taste of cake lying beneath that exquisite layer of hardened melted candy. Assemble a big batch of these tasty treats bedecked in your grad’s school colors and maybe some fun sprinkles and watch your guests devour them wherever they go – the living room, the rented photo booth, wherever!

Mini Cupcakes – They’re like full-sized cupcakes, except better because you can 1.) pop them in your mouth for a quick rush of sugar and 2.) feel less-judged for eating more than one or two. Adorn these little desserts with graduation hats and tassels atop the icing color of your grad’s alma mater. If you really want to wow your guests, order them in a variety of flavors!

Gooey Butter Cookies – Look, it’s just not a party in the Lou without gooey butter anything. Make it a legit celebration with some delicious gooey butter cookies. Chewy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, these sweet little snacks will be a big hit, trust us. Get wild and crazy by choosing different flavors like chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, Funfetti, or peanut butter!

Petit Fours – Even if you’ve never really heard the name before, you probably know all about these tiny squares of goodness. These treats were once a staple at tea parties of the ruling class in 19th century Europe, so get fancy with a tray full of these goodies! Take it a step further by decorating them with the graduate’s initials, miniature caps and tassels, or the school mascot.

You’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to planning and hosting the party. Let McArthur’s take care of the dessert! Call us today at (314) 894-0900 to place your order and make it a party no one will forget (especially your grad!).