New Year’s Resolution: Eat Dessert in a Beneficial Way

dessert benefits

When you think of desserts a few weeks into 2019, you probably are thinking about how you overindulged last year and how you wanted to give all of them up as a part of your New Year’s Resolution. Well, stop right there! There are actually benefits to eating dessert! Don’t believe us (but want to)? Keep on reading to return that sweet, irresistible dessert to your life once more:

Be Content with Your Cravings

We know how bad you want that warm, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie your coworker’s munching on today. And if this were the animal kingdom, there’s no question you could take that cookie. But picture yourself feeling like this every day. How could you not snap and demolish that box of chocolate mint cookies you just overpaid a little girl for last week? Eating desserts here and there will prevent you from potential breakdowns in the future.

Dark Chocolate Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

You’ve heard that red wine can lower your blood pressure and that may be debatable (though it does relax us after a hard day near the oven). However, dark chocolate really will lower your blood pressure. According to a Harvard study, people who consumed dark chocolate (with at least 50 to 70 percent cocoa) showed signs of lower and healthier blood pressure levels.

Dessert as Motivation

Ignore those who say eating dessert will negate your daily workout or put you a step back when it comes to your dietary goals. Use dessert to motivate yourself! As long as you’re watching your calorie intake and remain aware of portion sizes, a piece of cake will not make a significant impact on your routine or diet. A typical piece of angel food cake can be around 129 calories. Reward yourself and maybe add a strawberry for a healthy dessert option.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

If you want to thank someone for the way we feel after eating desserts, two people come into mind: bakers and scientists. We know bakers are obvious, but why scientists? They’re the ones who figured out ways our body creates serotonin, which makes us happier. Eating sugars and carbohydrates will literally make us smile because of a chemical reaction taking place in our bodies.

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