5 Easy Ways to Be the Best Neighbor Ever

neighbors at a party

What pops in your head whenever you think of your neighbors? Does the image of a sweet elderly couple stopping by with a freshly baked blueberry pie (just because!) materialize in your mind? Do you automatically think of your next-door neighbor, who lets his German Shepard out at all hours of the day and night to bark at anything that moves?

What kind of neighbor are you? We hope that you’re a good one, but if you’re not, take the chance to turn over a new leaf on September 28, a.k.a. National Good Neighbor Day. Whether you’re looking to improve your neighbor game or just want to earn additional brownie points, you’ll want to follow these 5 tips to help you be an amazing neighbor.

Welcome New Neighbors – Is someone moving in down the street from you? Don’t be the person who spies on the newbie from your living room! Go over after they’ve moved their things in and introduce yourself. If they’re completely new to town, give them a brief run-down on the best places to eat and have fun. Top it all off with a plate of fresh baked goods!

Lend a Helping Hand – Or a cup of sugar. Or a ladder to help them clean their gutters. Or whatever else you may have that your neighbor lacks. Just don’t forget to get it back whenever they’re done!

Do the Right Thing – We all know the neighbors we don’t like. They’re the people who fly down the street, bass booming out the window at night. They let their yards practically turn into a jungle safari in the warm months, and they and their friends tend to have obnoxiously loud parties every single weekend. Don’t be that person. Get outside and maintain your lawn, be mindful of noise, and park in your designated spaces. Your neighbors will love you for it.

Look Out for Them – Great neighbors watch out for each other. Is the family next door heading out on a vacation? Offer to watch their dog or hold their mail for them until they return. Is the elderly man across the street struggling with his bags of groceries? Be a dear and help him carry them inside. These actions won’t just make you a better neighbor – they’ll also help you become a better person!

Get Together – Having a party? Why not invite the people on the block to come have a blast with you and your friends?! You’ll both get to know each other better, and who knows? You might find some new BFFs to hang out with sometime!

Do something nice for the nearby residents on the 28th. Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day by bringing them some delicious cookies, donuts, or other yummy baked goods from McArthur’s! You’ll become everyone’s favorite neighbor, hands down!