5 German Baking Traditions for Christmas

5 German Christmas baking traditions

Experiencing the same ol’ Christmas cookies year after year can get tiresome. Which is a shame, really, because sweet treats are (in our humble opinion) the best part of the season. Well, to boring holiday desserts we say humbug! We invite you to keep it fresh and fun this year with some great traditional German Christmas baked goods. Check out our 5 favorites below:

Dresdner Stollen

Sometimes referred to as “Christstollen” or “Weihnachstollen,” this very traditional German bread is one of the most celebrated holiday pastries in the world. Dating all the way back to 1329, stollen typically includes nuts and fruits, which in the earlier days symbolized wealth. It’s kind of the equivalent to what we call fruitcake over here – just way better. Savor this delicious treat with a nice cup of hot tea while listening to your favorite Christmas music!


A wonderful German-style gingerbread, lebkuchen traditionally comes in three varieties: plain, sugar glazed, and chocolate covered (We don’t know about you, but we’re kinda drooling over here.). This treat features a medley of molasses and warm spices, making it akin to a soft gingerbread cookie. You can find lebkuchen in a variety of shapes like hearts, but the classic cookie is round.


Mostly consisting of sugar and almonds, this delicious dessert is inextricably linked with German Christmas celebration. It’s available in the form of a bar, paste, or baking ingredient, allowing you to enjoy it anyway you please!


Why should Christmas dinner get all of the attention? We need something to savor early in the morning (or at brunch), too! Enter engelszopf, a.k.a. Angel Braid. This lightly sweet specialty is perfect to share with your friends over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.


You guessed it! This is the famous German-style gingerbread house. With some freshly baked lebkuchen gingerbread, your favorite candy, and a little imagination, you can enjoy this amazing, edible work-of-art in no time! 

Bonus: Glühwein

No German Christmas is complete without mulled wine! Hot red wine with fruits and spices, this drink is all you need to get in the spirit and spread a little bit of Christmas cheer.

We know that the holidays are such a busy time of the year. Heck, you probably multitasked while reading this nifty little blog entry – making lists, checking ‘em twice. We totally understand. Come on in and let McArthur’s Bakery take care of all your baking needs! We can whip up a few of these tasty German treats and anything else you may want for you and yours this holiday season. Stop by one of our locations today!