6 Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Party Tips to Help You Celebrate in Style

green top hat surrounded by green shamrock confetti

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few weeks away, but there’s still plenty of time to help you organize a fun-filled party for you and your friends and family! Whether you want to celebrate your Irish heritage or just want to have a good time with your friends, St. Patrick’s Day is always the perfect time to get together and celebrate the Irish spirit.

Not sure where to begin? Lucky you! We have 6 handy tips to help you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this year:

Go Green – It just isn’t a St. Patrick’s Day party without some green! Make sure that you and your guests participate in “the wearing of the green” this year. Get creative and dress up like a leprechaun, a living shamrock, a banshee, or any other Irish get-up. Give your guests an extra incentive and hand out a prize for the most festive-looking guest!

Bring the Irish Vibe Inside – Don’t forget to jazz up your place before the party starts! Hang cut-outs of shamrocks, leprechauns, and rainbows on the ceiling, and bedeck your space with green, white, and orange helium balloons to represent the Irish flag. Shamrock-shaped party lights strewn in the kitchen and dining room can also make your home feel more festive! Oh, and don’t forget to include bowls full of snacks. We particularly like including those gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins!

Pump Up the Irish Jams – The appropriate music can really bring your party to life, so don’t forget to make a festive playlist! You can include classic Irish tunes like “Danny Boy,” some traditional Irish jigs, or go a bit more modern and out-of-the-box with bands like Afro Celt Sound System to get your guests dancing.

Search for Treasure – Looking for a fun activity to do? Hold a treasure hunt for your guests! Come up with clever clues to help them find the treasure, and hide it somewhere in your home. We suggest hiding it inside the bowl of foil-wrapped gold chocolate coins!

Speak as the Irish Do – Add a bit of Irish fun to your party by using some typical Irish phrases! Greet your friends by saying “What’s the craic?” meaning “What’s up?” Toast each other by shouting, “Slainte!” (pronounced “slaan-sha”), which means, “I drink to your health!” And don’t forget “Erin go Bragh” – Gaelic for “Ireland forever!” You can print these and other fun phrases out and place them around your home for your guests to try out themselves!

Indulge in Irish Faire – The best part about a party (aside from hanging out with your friends and loved ones) is hands-down the food! You can either choose to go a bit more formal and provide some slow-cooked corned beef and potatoes, or you can keep it casual with corned beef sliders and plenty of green appetizers, dips, and vegetables. Fresh Irish soda bread is a must, along with shamrock-shaped cookies and cupcakes! For drinks, create fun shamrock shakes by combining mint, chocolate, milk, and maybe a little bit of green food coloring. For the adults, be sure to provide your favorite Irish beers, whiskey, and Irish coffee!

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