6 Ways You Can Celebrate National Dessert Month


Who doesn’t love dessert?! …You know, don’t answer that question; we don’t want to know. In our humble opinion, dessert is an amazing part of life and deserves to be celebrated for not just one little ol’ day. Thank goodness October is National Dessert Month, right?

Now is the time to show your love for the best part of every meal. Here are 6 ways you can celebrate National Dessert Month this October!

Try Something New – One of the most wonderful things about desserts is that there are just so many of them to try! Why just stick with one or two this month? Branch out and try something you’ve never had before, whether it’s baklava, tiramisu, crème brûlée, or another sweet treat. You may find your newest favorite dessert!

Savor Your Favorites – Speaking of favorite desserts, think back to the last time you enjoyed one of yours. Did you actually taste it, or did you wind up scarfing it down like a ravenous animal? This month, sit back and sloooooowly savor every. Single. Bite.

Have It for Breakfast – That’s right, you’ve got permission from us. Go ahead and switch up your usual breakfast routine. Substitute your cereal and scrambled eggs for chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, or waffles a few times this month. Don’t worry, we won’t tell!

Be a Hero at the Office – Take your celebrations to the office this month by bringing in desserts for all to enjoy! Bake up a special treat or snag some from McArthur’s Bakery to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Whip Up an Elaborate Dessert – Don your apron and chef hat (you have one of those, right?) and get ready to create something challenging. Maybe you’ve always wanted to know what a Baked Alaska tastes like. Perhaps you wanted to see how you’d fare making macarons (or is it macaroons?). Now’s your chance! See how you do and enjoy the fruits of your labor once you’re finished!

Spread the Joy – Hey, sometimes people are unable to make or procure dessert on their own. Why not be an angel and do it for them? Maybe you know a couple who just became parents or an elderly person who is unable to make it to the grocery store. Share in the joy of National Dessert Month by baking their favorite treat. They will love you for it!

Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, coworkers, or by yourself, do what’s right – order your favorite pastries and sweets from McArthur’s Bakery! Stop by any of our locations to order yours today!