7 Awesome Groom’s Cake Ideas That Your Groom and Guests Will Love!

The tradition of the groom’s cake can be traced back to the Victorian era in England. In those times, it was customary to have not only the main wedding cake, but also a groom’s cake and a smaller bride’s cake. The two smaller cakes were sliced and served to the groomsmen and bridesmaids at the end of the wedding.

The groom’s cake popularity has remained intact and has endured in the U.S., especially in the South. Many brides like the idea of having a groom’s cake because it is traditionally seen as a gift from the bride to the groom – a gift that reflects his personality and interests in his favorite cake flavor. The cake can be as elaborate and elegant as the wedding cake itself or it can be a much more simple design. Just about anything goes for the groom’s cake!

If you’re thinking about having a groom’s cake for your wedding but aren’t sure where to start, here are 7 great groom’s cake ideas for you to chew on!

Sports – Is your future spouse a sports fanatic? Honor his love of his favorite team for his groom’s cake! You can choose to have a replica of his favorite sports team’s stadium, a football helmet, his favorite player’s jersey, or his favorite team’s emblem.

Public Service Tribute – This is the perfect idea for spouses who currently or have formerly served in the military. It’s also a great way to honor firefighters, policemen, EMTs, and several others who put their lives on the line to help others in need every day. Choose a groom’s cake shaped like a helicopter, police car, or ambulance, or you can opt for a simpler cake that features his military branch’s emblem.

Food – There’s nothing like cakes in the shape of other food! Replicate your future spouse’s favorite food to delight him and your guests. Hostess cakes, a grill with dogs and burgers, a massive cheeseburger, a pie, a huge pizza, and even a stack of Oreo cookies are sure to win him over!

Cars – If your guy is into old cars or just loves working on cars, then a car cake could be right up his alley! The groom’s cake can feature a tasty replica of his beloved first car, the car of his dreams, nostalgic cars from the old days, muddin’ Jeeps, racecars, motorcycles, and many others. Just about anything goes!

His Favorite Hobby – Not only would your groom love a cake shaped in his favorite hobby, but it also makes for a great conversation starter! Those who don’t know the groom too well will learn a few things about him, and the guests who know him well will appreciate the cake and agree that it reflects his personality and passions. Choose a cake in the shape of a golf bag, a stack of books, his favorite video game console and controllers, or a fun Rubix cube!

Travel – If your groom enjoys traveling or if you want to tease your guests with the destination of your honeymoon, a travel-themed cake is the way to go! Show off his favorite travel destination or a favorite theme park. You can also choose a cake designed like a scrapbook, an actual island, or a suitcase packed and ready to go!

Pop Culture – Is your groom a fan of The Legend of Zelda? Is he perhaps a Whovian or has the ability to quote Anchorman from start to finish? Have his groom’s cake designed like his favorite things such as his favorite actors and bands, a Dr. Who telephone booth, a Harry Potter sorting hat, or a level out of Super Mario Bros. We guarantee he will love it!

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