7 Wedding Cake Etiquette Tips You Need to Know as a Guest

wedding cake

The day has come. You’ve been invited to your friend’s or family member’s wedding day, and you’re practically bursting with excitement. You’ve got the perfect outfit ready, the gift is wrapped, and of course, you’re set to relish the best part of the day – the wedding cake, of course!

If you’re like most people, you may find it difficult to restrain yourself when there’s wedding cake on the scene. We don’t blame you – we’re pretty big fans of that sweet concoction, too! But you don’t want to turn heads and be known forever as “that guest.” You know what we’re talking about. And if you don’t, well, read on to see what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to handling wedding cake at someone’s wedding:

Wait Till It’s Time – You probably are thinking, “Well, duh,” with this tip, but you’d be surprised how many guests try to swipe some dessert before the bride and groom arrive. Don’t be that person – no one wants to see a picked-over dessert bar on their wedding day! Wait patiently until the couple cuts the cake, and definitely stay out of the kitchen!

Just Take One Piece – We get it. You pretty much live for that heavenly slice of wedding cake. And believe us, we’re on your side here when we tell you this: Just. Take. One. Piece. One! We want you to have a social life after the day is done. Take your allotted, well-earned piece of cake and savor it with every bite!

Leave The Top Layer Alone – Nope, don’t even think about touching it! That layer is traditionally saved for the happy couple to enjoy later on. Unless the newlyweds tell you otherwise (you might want to consider getting that in writing, by the way), leave it alone!

Don’t Be a Photo Bomber – You’re gonna want to leave your selfie stick at home for this, trust us. Not only will you look a little ridiculous, but you will also probably frustrate the photographer. Try to stay out of the way whenever the cake is being cut and let the professionals work their magic. Their photos are going to look better than anything your smartphone might do anyway.

Keep It Off the Dance Floor – Or the bathroom. Or the coat check. Or outside. Or really anywhere that isn’t your table, assigned or not. Besides, we bet you’ll want to sit down and actually enjoy your cake instead of just inhaling it (and you won’t want to leave a mess in the reception hall either!).

Don’t Leave Before the Cake Is Cut – What’s wrong with you? Feeling okay? Do we need to take your temperature? ‘Cause seriously, no sane person leaves a wedding reception without eating some cake. We understand that you have your own schedule – maybe you’re leading a life like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses and need to get thee hence to another wedding in the same night, but you should really make every effort to stay for the whole event. If you really have to leave early, at least wait until they cut the cake, then congratulate the happy couple and thank the hosts before you take off.

Enjoy It – Like we mentioned earlier, sit down and really appreciate the cake. Let every morsel that passes your lips be a moment of sweet euphoria. Eat it leisurely and make plenty of memories with your friends and family. After all, it isn’t every day that someone important in your life gets married!

And there you have it. That’s all you need to do the next time you’re invited to someone’s wedding. Piece of cake, right? Okay, okay, we’ll show ourselves out.