9 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a couple of big priorities you need to take care of – the venue, the dress, and, of course, the cake. If you find yourself stressing out about what kind of cake you’ll want or if you don’t know where to start, look no further! McArthur’s Bakery Café has the ultimate wedding cake guide to make creating your perfect cake a cinch. Read on for our tips below!

Keep It Consistent With Your Wedding Style – Once you’ve selected your venue, your dress, and perhaps the flower arrangements, it’s time to decide what your cake will look like. It’s best to try to have a cake that’s compatible with the look you’re trying to achieve. Try coming to your cake consultation with an idea of what you’d like to see! You don’t have to have a detailed sketch prepared, but you can bring along some inspiration like a swatch of lace from your dress or a photo of the venue.

Have a Budget in Mind – Wedding cake is typically priced by the slice, so the cost can vary. Figure out how many guests you will be inviting and take a look at your budget before you draw up your dream wedding cake. As a rule of thumb, 3 tiers will usually serve 50-100 guests.

Consider Height and Space – Where will your wedding reception be held? You should try to make your wedding cake fit the venue as well – literally. If you’ll be having it in a grand ballroom, you may want a cake that is large as well. If the setting is smaller and more intimate, a tinier cake can look appropriate and elegant.

Choose the Flavor YOU Want – That’s right. It’s your wedding – you should have your favorite flavor featured in your wedding cake! You can go with the classics of vanilla and/or chocolate, of course, but don’t be afraid to stray from the norms and check out other flavors as well. Don’t forget to sample fillings, too!

Pick the Right Frosting – When it comes to frosting, you will typically need to choose between buttercream- or fondant-based frostings. Fondant usually looks fancier and sleeker while buttercream has a divine taste. Whichever type of frosting you choose, your cake will look beautiful and will taste amazing, too!

Consider Weather Conditions – This is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding, particularly during the summer. Keep in mind that whipped cream, buttercream, and meringue have the tendency to melt. If you aren’t sure how to navigate through this area, your baker can present you with some temperature-friendly options that may not require refrigeration!

Top It Off – Don’t forget about your cake topper! You don’t have to do plastic figurines if you don’t want to either – there are several ways you can make your cake as unique and beautiful as you and your wedding! Use an heirloom piece, opt for a bouquet of sugar flowers, or even a sugar block carved with your new monograms. Don’t want a topper? That’s okay! In fact, some designs look absolutely stunning without a topper!

Put a Delivery Plan in Place – Cake delivery can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a detailed plan in place. It takes coordination, a timeline, and usually a refrigerated van. Discuss all of the delivery details with your baker before you sign the contract. This will put you at ease on your big day!

Let It Shine on the Big Day – You’ve gone through all of the hard work of planning your wedding cake, so put it on display before you cut it! Give the cake a designated, well-lit table. Everyone will want to see what it looks like and also know where to go whenever it’s time for dessert, after all!

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