9 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Love

There are several ways that you can thank your wedding guests for coming to your big day. One of the best ways is by presenting them with a thoughtful wedding favor. The trouble is often it can be quite hard to figure out exactly what you want to give them. Should it be food-based? Maybe something they can use around the house? Or should it be something more on the sentimental side?

If you’re feeling stuck, don’t worry! We came up with 9 unique wedding favor ideas that will help you impress your guests and give them a memory they will cherish for years. Read about them below!

Personalized Tea Packets or Coffee Beans – Are you and your fiancé coffee connoisseurs or tea lovers? Share the love by creating your very own handmade packages that include your favorite blends and flavors! Your guests can enjoy them when they get home.

Cute Succulents – Give your guests the lasting gift of a succulent! Every time they see them at home, they will fondly remember your wedding day and the fun times they had. You can find tiny, hardy, and beautiful succulents for a good price in several local stores!

Totally Awesome Tote Bags – Here’s a favor idea that can be both cute and functional! Create a fun design on the bag and add you and your beau’s names, your wedding date, and the place you’ll be getting married. It’s eco-friendly and perfect for running errands around town!

Paper Fans – Will your wedding take place in the summer? Summer days might feel like a memory now in the middle of winter, but those hot days will be upon us soon. Hand out colorful fans as the perfect wedding favor. Not only will they help your guests stay cool, but they’re also really fun to dance with!

Seed (Packets) of Love – Fill some boxes with flower seeds or fruit and veggie seeds to hand out to your guests. They can plant them when spring arrives and watch the plants blossom and grow!

Parasols – If your wedding will take place outdoors, parasols can be fun and useful gifts to give your guests! They can also be kept as a useful keepsake for future days spent in the sun.

Hot Chocolate Jar – Give your guests a fun treat that they can savor during the fall or winter! Include layers of rich, creamy chocolate with marshmallows and powdered cocoa. Don’t forget to personalize it with a tag or sticker commemorating your wedding!

Keepsake Hankies – Let’s face it – a lot of people cry at weddings and other happy occasions. Help your guests dry their eyes with designed DIY handkerchiefs! This thoughtful gift will come in handy at your wedding and will bring them comfort during other future events.

Show ‘em S’more Love – Who doesn’t love s’mores? Create a little s’mores package, which is just perfect for campfires and breezy autumn nights. Use chocolate, marshmallow, and mini graham crackers to create a recipe for happiness!

You know, even cookies, donuts, and pies make great wedding favors, too! Shower your guests with only the best – come in to McArthur’s Bakery Café, and we’ll hook you up with the tastiest, most savory desserts in St. Louis!