Dare to Be Different! 8 Crazy Wedding Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind!

You’ve got the dress, secured the venue, and have a sizeable guest list that you’re working on for your wedding. Have you decided on a cake yet?

If you’re not feeling any of the traditional wedding cakes and want to really wow your guests or enjoy a cake to remember for years to come, why not try something a bit out-of-the-box? Check out these 8 crazy wedding cake ideas to find the perfect wedding cake for your special day!

Rose Petal Cake – This towering cake is an edible work of art! Covered in white fondant roses, it is the quintessence of elegance and would make a stunning addition to your wedding day.

Video Game Cake – Are you and your fiancé gamers? Express your love for each other and for video games with a themed cake! Choose a cake remade in the style of your favorite console, or depict the scenes of you and your future spouse’s favorite video game.

Galaxy Cake – Fascinated by the heavens above? Choose a colorful cake decorated like the Milky Way or your favorite constellations! This eye-catching dessert will have your guests swooning and talking for years!

Cascading Couture – If you’re having a hard time deciding between two of your favorite flavors, choose both by featuring a stunning two-faced cake that sports both flavors! Not only will your guests be utterly floored by the design, but they will also have an option to choose one flavor over the other. Talk about a win-win!

Tea Party Cake – Want a charming cake that’s elegant and chic? Try a tea party cake! It will give the impression that your guests are attending a special and very fancy tea party. Bonus points if you decide to offer tea to your guests!

Cheeseburger Cake – It’s a massive cheeseburger! No, wait, it’s a cake? Delight your guests with a delicious cake designed like a cheeseburger! You can make the biggest “cheeseburger” you’ve ever seen and throw in some fondant fries on the side.

Book Cake – Are you and your betrothed book lovers? A book cake is a must for your wedding! Create a cake that features your favorite titles or even a heaping stack of books.

French Flair – Marie Antoinette said it best when she said, “Let them eat cake!” If your wedding has a bit of French flair to it, make your cake reflect the style with lilac, white, and pastel pink colors. Don’t forget to add plenty of flowers and a few fleur-de-lys symbols as well!

Do you have an idea of the kind of cake you and your future spouse want for your wedding? We can make it happen! Call the experts at McArthur’s Bakery Café at (314) 894-0900 to set up your appointment today.