For It’s 1, 2, 3 Treats to Pass Out on Opening Day

St. Louis Cardinals cake

Can you feel that excitement and buzz in the air? No, it’s not the bees yet – it’s still a bit too nippy for them (but warmer weather is soon to come!). With the changing of the seasons comes one of our favorite sports and America’s pastime: baseball.

Opening Day is just around the corner on March 29 and we’re thinking a celebration for good luck is in store. After all, we can’t all be Wade Boggs and eat the same meal before each game. We’re thinking some of our treats can knock it right out of the park:

  • At first base, we have our delicious baseball cake pops. Guaranteed to strike out looking (‘cause they look that darn good), these sweet treats will make your guests step up to the plate for more. We’ll make sure we make it to the ninth inning with these hit singles!
  • In second and third base are our gooey butter cookies topped with your favorite team decorations. Whether you choose a design of the field, a baseball bat, a scoreboard, or even one of Tom “The Hat Man” Lange’s creations, our cookies will definitely pinch hit when all the chips have disappeared!
  • Finally, at home plate, make it a grand slam with an entire themed cake! Big or small, get yours decked out in Cardinal red and white for the best Opening Day celebration yet.

Now that we’ve exhausted our baseball vernacular for the day (and any foreseeable future), give us a call and set up your own custom treats with McArthur’s Bakery at (314) 894-0900! The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy the first game of the season down to the last play!