Looking for Tasty Donations for a Good Cause? McArthur’s Can Help!

a plate full of pastries from McArthur's Bakery Cafe

We love St. Louis, and when we say we love St. Louis, we mean it. Aside from creating delicious pastries, breads, and savory foods every day, we make it our mission to reach out to those in need and contribute in whatever way we can. Of course, we do it the way we know best – by making and providing mouthwatering food for everyone to enjoy!

It isn’t unusual for us to donate tasty treats to different organizations in the Greater St. Louis area. Whatever their need may be, we are proud to donate everything from donuts and cakes to pastries, bread, and more to these fine establishments.

Here are just some of the organizations that we make donations to. Check them out below!

*The United States Marine Corps
*V.A. Hospital
*Make A Wish Foundation
*Local VFWs
*Local schools for their various fundraisers
*The American Cancer Society
*Feed My People
*Local churches

If you’re interested in learning more about how McArthur’s can help with your fundraising efforts or whatever goals your organization has in mind, please be sure to call us at (314) 894-0900!