Make Your Special Day Even Sweeter with Our Wedding Dessert Bar Treats!

Donuts and cupcakes at a wedding dessert bar

The big day has finally arrived, you’ve said your vows, and you’re ready to get this party started with all of your closest friends and family. And then it happens. You’re out on the dance floor spending some quality time dancing with your spouse, cutting a rug with your pals, or chatting up that cousin you only get to see once every few years when the announcement comes in: “It’s time for the wedding couple to cut the cake!”

Look, cake is great and all, but why does it have to interrupt all the fun?

If you’d rather not interrupt the moments that matter (or would simply like something bite-sized and adorable to savor on your special day), look no further than McArthur’s wedding bar treats! We have a variety of delicious desserts for you to choose from including:

  • Cupcakes
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Petit fours
  • Cake pops
  • Donuts
  • Pies
  • Mini European desserts including mini cheesecakes, mini cake squares, cannolis, and more!

If a dessert bar sounds divine for your wedding, we recommend ordering 2-3 pieces of dessert per guest. After all, they tend to run out pretty quickly! Also, you should consider if your venue has an option for refrigeration. Some items may require it if they need to sit out for a while.

Want to learn more? Schedule your consultation with McArthur’s Bakery Café by emailing us at, calling us at (314) 894-0900, or visiting us at our location in South County on Lemay Ferry Road!