Pre-Order Your Holiday Goodies Now at McArthur’s!

Do you have any plans for the upcoming holiday season? Are you tired of always having to make countless pies and sweets for your family and friends? Does the thought of buying mediocre store-bought holiday treats fill you with dread? If so, we have the perfect solution – preorder all of your holiday goodies here at McArthur’s Bakery Café!

That’s right – you can begin placing your orders for all of your favorite holiday desserts and treats right now! Savor and share heavenly pumpkin or apple pie on Thanksgiving Day. Bring amazing homemade donuts to any of your office holiday parties. Share the freshest, most mouth-watering bread imaginable with your family and friends during any of your Yuletide celebrations. And of course, don’t forget to celebrate St. Louis with the city’s signature dessert – gooey butter cake! You won’t find a more decadent gooey butter cake than here at McArthur’s!

Don’t wait! Place your orders now for all of your favorite holiday desserts! Call us with your order at (314) 894-0900 or stop by one of our four locations to submit your holiday order today!