Make Life all Sunshine and Rainbows with a DIY Rainbow Cake!

rainbow cake

Who doesn’t like cake? A soulless person, that’s who. And who on earth doesn’t like rainbows? Pretty much no one! What if you were to take two of the greatest things on this planet (cake and rainbows, that is) and combine their powers to create a cake so cheerful and magical that you swear you landed somewhere in the land of the unicorns? Well, guess what – you can make that happen when you create a rainbow cake!

Imagine it: your friend or family member is cutting out their very first slice of rainbow cake, fully expecting something more run-of-the-mill like vanilla, yellow, or chocolate cake when BAM! Rainbow. Now that’s what we call a pretty sweet surprise!

So how can you make your very own magical rainbow cake? Just follow the directions below to get started!

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