Make Sparks Fly This July 4th With These 8 Patriotic Treats!

4th of July dessert

There’s something purely magical that happens to us when the 4th of July rolls around every year. Firecrackers pop in staccato in the streets and fireworks light up the skies as children race off to play a quick game of baseball under the halo of the streetlight standing like a silent sentry above the ball field. Neighbors chatter happily and revel with one another in the apple pies and chocolate-based desserts spread upon picnic tables bedecked in red-and-white checkered tablecloths before them.

If it sounds like we’re describing a scene out of The Sandlot, well, yeah, we are. But you can recreate that same feeling this Independence Day – without the fireworks! Just try one (or two…or, you know, all) of these 8 desserts to really add some sparkle and pizzazz to your July 4th bash!

American Flag Cake – Show that you’re too cool for British rule with a patriotic cake! Liberally adorned with sprinkles and white chocolate frosting, this cake makes the flag look more beautiful than ever with strawberry stripes and blueberry stars.

Ice Cream Flag Cake – Have you ever wanted both cake and ice cream but really dread digging around for that sad carton of freezer-burned vanilla ice cream just to satisfy your sweet tooth? Trust us, we know the feeling. Get the best of both worlds with this amazing ice cream flag cake! And make sure your audience is watching you cut the cake, because within lie delectable flag slices! Top it off with some sparkling candles to really wow ‘em!

Star-Studded Berry Tarts – Easy on the eyes and even easier to eat, these tasty little treats feature fresh fruit and juuuuuust a sprinkling of good ol’ confectioner’s sugar on top to sweeten it up a bit!

Champagne Ice Cream Floats – Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. Combine your favorite fruit, a little bit of champagne, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a concoction that’ll knock your socks off (figuratively-speaking)!

Firecracker Cake – Want something that just screams “America”? You’re gonna want this dessert at your 4th of July bash. It’s almost too pretty to eat – almost.

Star Confetti Cookies – You like stars. You like confetti. And who doesn’t? Unpatriotic people, that’s who. Celebrate the birth of our nation with these delectable sugar cookies, which feature festive pops of red, white, and blue sprinkles!

Red Velvet Fireworks Cake – When one layer of cake just isn’t enough to party like it’s 1776, there’s the jaw-dropping six-layered red velvet fireworks cake. The amount of sprinkles on this beautiful work of art will be a bigger hit than any fireworks you’ll see!

Fireworks Sugar Cookie Cake – Life is full of difficult choices. One of them is choosing between demolishing a plate of cookies or a piece of cake. When you just can’t choose between the two, put them together with this fireworks sugar cookie cake! Topped with frosting, red and blue sprinkles, and patriotic M&M’s, this dessert’s got it all!

Of course, if you just want to spend your day relaxing, you can always leave the hard work up to McArthur’s Bakery! You won’t only get to kick back and take it easy, but you’ll also get an eye-catching, delicious dessert that will dazzle any guest! Stop by one of our locations to put in your order today.

4 Delicious Bite-Sized Treats to Serve at Your Graduate’s Party

cake pops

The day has finally come, whether you like it or not. Your little boy or girl is finally a big-shot graduate, whether it’s from junior high, high school, college, or grad school. We know, it’s hard to fight back the tears. But now’s the time to commemorate your grad’s achievements (and your being one step closer to having the house to yourself again)!

Sure, it might be June, but that just means that more people will be able to attend your grad’s big party now that the insanity of May is over. And what better way to impress your guests and celebrate with some out-of-this-world bite-sized desserts? Here are 4 finger-food-esque treats you can try out:

Cake Pops – Who doesn’t love a cake pop (or two…or three+)? You’d have to be pretty much soulless to not love the decadent taste of cake lying beneath that exquisite layer of hardened melted candy. Assemble a big batch of these tasty treats bedecked in your grad’s school colors and maybe some fun sprinkles and watch your guests devour them wherever they go – the living room, the rented photo booth, wherever!

Mini Cupcakes – They’re like full-sized cupcakes, except better because you can 1.) pop them in your mouth for a quick rush of sugar and 2.) feel less-judged for eating more than one or two. Adorn these little desserts with graduation hats and tassels atop the icing color of your grad’s alma mater. If you really want to wow your guests, order them in a variety of flavors!

Gooey Butter Cookies – Look, it’s just not a party in the Lou without gooey butter anything. Make it a legit celebration with some delicious gooey butter cookies. Chewy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, these sweet little snacks will be a big hit, trust us. Get wild and crazy by choosing different flavors like chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, Funfetti, or peanut butter!

Petit Fours – Even if you’ve never really heard the name before, you probably know all about these tiny squares of goodness. These treats were once a staple at tea parties of the ruling class in 19th century Europe, so get fancy with a tray full of these goodies! Take it a step further by decorating them with the graduate’s initials, miniature caps and tassels, or the school mascot.

You’ve got enough to worry about when it comes to planning and hosting the party. Let McArthur’s take care of the dessert! Call us today at (314) 894-0900 to place your order and make it a party no one will forget (especially your grad!).

Macarons and Macaroons – What’s the Difference?


There are many important questions out there that need answers. For instance, why do we use No. 2 pencils instead of No. 1? Was turkey a bird or a country first? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? And, of course, is there really a difference between macarons and macaroons?

Well, we can’t truly answer all of the questions that keep you up at night, but we definitely can shed some light on the last one. The answer is yes – they are different concoctions.

These little treats are both delicious cookies that share similar ingredients and a bit of murky history, but that’s pretty much all that they have in common. Here’s the difference between these two desserts:

The Macaron (pronounced “mack-ah-ROHN”)

Would you believe us if we told you that this French pastry’s name comes from the Italian word for “macaroni”? Well, we hope so, because it’s true. This meringue-based cookie features almond flour, egg whites, and sugar for ingredients and takes a great deal of patience and skill to create. While they’re not overly sweet, they’re fun little finger foods that come in a variety of colors and flavors. Oh, and you probably won’t need a napkin because these bite-sized treats are virtually mess-free and easy to eat.

The Macaroon (pronounced “mack-ah-RUNE”)

This American cookie borrows its name from, wouldn’t you believe it, the French word macaron. Made with grated coconut, egg whites, and powdered sugar, this creation was made in the 1800s when coconut became a popular item among bakers. This extremely sweet dessert has a lumpy, chewy texture and is a delight for all coconut lovers out there. While they may be messy to eat, they’re actually quite easy to make (with or without an oven) and are pretty darn great dipped in chocolate!

So there you have it. Now you know the differences between the macaron and the macaroon, which makes you the opposite of a “maroon,” as Bugs Bunny would say. Speaking of which, be smart and get your sweet tooth fix at McArthur’s Bakery! From macarons to macaroons and everything in between, we’ve got the best treats around.

11 Smash Cake Dos and Don’ts You Definitely Need to Know

One Year Old Birthday Portraits with smash cake

It’s finally happening. After several sleepless nights, countless Google searches (or calls to Mom), and changing way too many diapers, your baby is turning 1! Amidst all the chaos that raising a newborn brings, you’ve no doubt experienced a great amount of pride and joy, and you want to make your child’s birthday a special event to share with your family and friends.

Many parents are choosing to celebrate their child’s first birthday with a smash cake, but not all pastries are created equal. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are 11 dos and don’ts to make your son or daughter’s big day, well, smashing!

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10 Delicious Office Birthday Treats That Aren’t Cake

chocolate dipped fruit

Ohhhh, office birthday parties. You know something sweet’s about to go down when you see a big ol’ sheet cake in the fridge or on the break room table, complete with a card and – dare we say it? – confetti.

We all have a love-hate relationship with office birthday celebrations, really. While everyone enjoys congratulating someone for getting older, it can all become a little, well, monotonous. The same sheet cake with the same message (“Happy birthday, [insert name here]!”), well-meaning coworkers awkwardly singing “Happy Birthday” off-key, and, of course, the stares from said coworkers as you try to daintily yet gracefully bite into that sugar-laden concoction called a cake. Yes, we see you nodding your head along with that smirk on your face.

Whoever said that we have to have cake when we celebrate birthdays at work? No one, that’s who! So don’t be afraid to spice it up a bit with these 10 different dessert ideas:

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For It’s 1, 2, 3 Treats to Pass Out on Opening Day

St. Louis Cardinals cake

Can you feel that excitement and buzz in the air? No, it’s not the bees yet – it’s still a bit too nippy for them (but warmer weather is soon to come!). With the changing of the seasons comes one of our favorite sports and America’s pastime: baseball.

Opening Day is just around the corner on March 29 and we’re thinking a celebration for good luck is in store. After all, we can’t all be Wade Boggs and eat the same meal before each game. We’re thinking some of our treats can knock it right out of the park:

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5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

McArthur's Valentine's Day cookies

Roses, candy, heart-shaped items, and all things red and pink… yep, it must be Valentine’s Day. While seemingly everyone has the most perfect (read: something ridic expensive) gift picked out for their SO and has their fingers at the ready to post some sappy collage of their bae on social media, you’re just trying to get through the work week with your sanity intact. Whether you have a special someone or not, how about doing something a little unconventional this year for Valentine’s Day? Two words: TREAT YOURSELF!

Here are 5 perfectly good reasons why you should love yourself a little more this Valentine’s Day, single or otherwise:

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6 Ways to Celebrate Mardi Gras in Style

King's Cake

Are you ready for Mardi Gras, a.k.a. Fat Tuesday this year? Whether you’re planning on partying with your family at home or out with your friends, you don’t have to be in New Orleans to have a good time! Here are 6 easy and fun ways you can celebrate Mardi Gras this year:

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3 Awesome Ways McArthur’s Is Making Your Holidays Even Jollier

a spread of delicious holiday treats from McArthur's

We know that December is a whirlwind of a month. If you’re not busy buying and wrapping the perfect presents for your loved ones, you’re making plans to attend (and bring food to) all of the get-togethers on your list. That’s why McArthur’s is taking a few extra steps to help make your holidays a little brighter and less stressful!

Here are 3 ways you can make your life easier this holiday season with the help of McArthurs!

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What Does Your Favorite Pie Flavor Say About You?

Ahh, pie. It’s one of America’s most beloved desserts, and everyone’s got a favorite. Pies come in all shapes and sizes, colors, flavors, and textures. Much like the people who love them, pies are unique and distinct in their own ways.Read More

Life’s a Picnic! 7 Tips to Help You Celebrate National Picnic Day on April 23

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! The warmer temperatures and sunny days that have graced us here in St. Louis make it absolutely perfect for enjoying a meal outdoors with our friends and family. What better time to do that than on Sunday, April 23 – National Picnic Day?!

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Our Healthy Menu Items Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals!

McArthur's healthy Fall Salad which features a delicious medley of arugula, butternut squash, cranberries, pecans, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic dressing.

Happy New Year! We hope that you’ve had a fantastic holiday season full of laughter and fun. Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to get serious – serious about your New Year’s resolutions, that is! Is your goal to lose weight or get fit? Are you aiming to becoming more mindful of your food choices this year? If so, McArthur’s has you totally covered. We have several new healthy menu items to help you reach your goals this year!

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Loyalty Has Many Rewards at McArthur’s!

Ever wanted to be rewarded for your loyalty at your favorite restaurants? Now you can at McArthur’s! When you join McArthur’s Rewards program, you will earn rewards for shopping at any McArthur’s location. The rewards that you earn can be put toward future purchases, making spending with us sweeter than ever!

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Check Out Our Amazing New Menu Items!

Guess what? Your favorite local café has just added some all-new items to the menu! We have lots of new food and beverage items for you to enjoy. Whether you’re on your way to work, need something to warm you up on those cold winter days, or want to enjoy a delicious meal with a friend, there’s something for everyone at McArthur’s.

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9 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Wedding Cake

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a couple of big priorities you need to take care of – the venue, the dress, and, of course, the cake. If you find yourself stressing out about what kind of cake you’ll want or if you don’t know where to start, look no further! McArthur’s Bakery Café has the ultimate wedding cake guide to make creating your perfect cake a cinch. Read on for our tips below!

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Pre-Order Your Holiday Goodies Now at McArthur’s!

Do you have any plans for the upcoming holiday season? Are you tired of always having to make countless pies and sweets for your family and friends? Does the thought of buying mediocre store-bought holiday treats fill you with dread? If so, we have the perfect solution – preorder all of your holiday goodies here at McArthur’s Bakery Café!

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Need Catering? Wow the Crowd With McArthur’s Bakery Café!

Do you have a big business meeting coming up soon? Will you be hosting an open house event or another special corporate event? While you might be busy planning the event itself, you should pay close attention to the part that everyone is especially interested in – the food!

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6 Autumnal Wedding Trends You’ll Fall for in 2016

As the weather chills and the heat of summer fades away, we welcome the fall season with open arms and gear up for long nights full of apple cider, bonfires, S’mores, and hot chocolate. With the change in season also come new trends for fall weddings, and we’re loving what we’re seeing! Here are 6 amazing trends that are making waves for fall weddings this year:

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This Just In! McArthur’s Gooey Butter Cake Makes Headlines on CNN!

Have you heard the exciting news? McArthur’s Bakery Café’s gooey butter cake has just been named as one of the richest original desserts by CNN! We are so excited and honored to have one of our desserts be recognized, especially when it’s one of St. Louis’s most iconic and delicious desserts!

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6 Awesomely Autumnal Holidays to Celebrate This Fall

It’s September, and you know what that means – yes, fall is on its way in just a few short weeks! This year, fall will arrive on Thursday, September 22, and from there, we will begin experiencing shorter daylight hours until we hit the Winter Solstice in December.

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Awesome Food You Can Serve for Each of Your Wedding Celebrations

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged! We have no doubts that you are beyond excited and are looking forward to your special day. Along with your wedding day, you should be able to enjoy yourself by celebrating with your family and friends in many other parties as well! And of course, a good party isn’t anything without good food – but where do you start? We’ve taken all of the tough work out of it for you! Here are some ideas of food you can serve at your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and your wedding reception!

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Food Isn’t Good or Bad – It’s Part of the Celebration

oung beautiful people are talking, eating, drinking and smiling while sitting at the table and having picnic outdoors

One of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down and taking time to truly savor a delicious meal or a scrumptious snack. Some of the greatest memories we can build involve sharing a hearty meal with a good friend, celebrating a family member’s birthday or success with a sweet treat, or enjoying a piece of wedding cake at a close friend’s wedding reception. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which food can be seen as “good” or “bad.” We may shame ourselves (or others) if we were to allow ourselves to indulge in a piece of birthday cake or a donut for an event at work. We may ultimately see some of our favorite foods as “bad” and only feel worth if we only eat “good,” clean foods.

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11 Unique Wedding Cake Flavors That Your Guests Will Remember for Years

Your wedding cake should not only look beautiful, but it should also taste great! While you can definitely opt for low-key flavors like vanilla or chocolate wedding cake, why not get a little creative with your reception’s centerpiece?

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Make Serving Your Guests a Piece of Cake at Your Wedding!

Besides the tear-jerking vows, the gorgeous dress, and, of course, the happy newly-wed couple, our favorite thing about weddings is no doubt the sumptuous, decadent wedding cake! We’re not alone either – just about everyone looks forward to enjoying a piece of wedding cake at the reception, including your guests. The only trouble is finding the right size of cake that will both serve each guest and satisfy your tastes (and your wallet!).

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7 Awesome Groom’s Cake Ideas That Your Groom and Guests Will Love!

The tradition of the groom’s cake can be traced back to the Victorian era in England. In those times, it was customary to have not only the main wedding cake, but also a groom’s cake and a smaller bride’s cake. The two smaller cakes were sliced and served to the groomsmen and bridesmaids at the end of the wedding.

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Dare to Be Different! 8 Crazy Wedding Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind!

You’ve got the dress, secured the venue, and have a sizeable guest list that you’re working on for your wedding. Have you decided on a cake yet?

If you’re not feeling any of the traditional wedding cakes and want to really wow your guests or enjoy a cake to remember for years to come, why not try something a bit out-of-the-box? Check out these 8 crazy wedding cake ideas to find the perfect wedding cake for your special day!

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Say “I Do” to These 8 Not-So-Traditional Alternatives to Wedding Cakes!

If you’re planning your wedding this year, you know that one of the biggest parts to figure out is the dessert, which is typically the traditional wedding cake. While countless brides are dreaming up their ideal wedding cake for their weddings, there are several others who are taking their tasty desserts in a totally different (and still delicious) direction.

If you’re not a big fan of wedding cake (or simply can’t choose the flavor to feature) or if you want to do something unique and memorable for your wedding, look no further! Here are 8 yummy alternatives that you can serve at your wedding reception:

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We Are Spreading Our History to the Delmar Loop!

What’s that smell? It must be the delicious aroma of an historic bakery café opening a brand-new location in the Delmar Loop! McArthur’s has roots in St. Louis dating back to 1956, and we plan to expand our 60 years of experience to the Loop this month! Think traditional home-style bakery meets a fresh and modern café.

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