This Just In! McArthur’s Gooey Butter Cake Makes Headlines on CNN!

Have you heard the exciting news? McArthur’s Bakery Café’s gooey butter cake has just been named as one of the richest original desserts by CNN! We are so excited and honored to have one of our desserts be recognized, especially when it’s one of St. Louis’s most iconic and delicious desserts!

If you’re not familiar with this famous dessert’s history, the legend goes like this: during the 1930s, a local baker in the Midwest accidentally messed up the proportions of the ingredients needed to create a more traditional cake. The baker decided that the end result was still worth eating and celebrating, and we’re so glad that it happened!

Fast-forward to 80 years in the future, and the gooey butter cake has been one of the top sought-after desserts in the St. Louis region. In fact, it’s been a customer favorite here at McArthur’s for at least half a century! You can find our gooey butter cakes here at our store in even in grocery and specialty shops around the region, too. Oh, and we don’t just make the original gooey butter cake either – we’ve broadened our palette and have created chocolate chip, brownie, and cherry variations of this irresistible dessert! We also aren’t afraid to make gooey butter wedding cakes, too (we get a lot of orders for that, believe it or not!).

Have we got your mouth watering? Come on in anytime at McArthur’s Bakery Café to get your hands on the most delicious regional dessert in the Lou!