What Does Your Favorite Donut Flavor Say About You?

an assortment of donuts

You’re probably familiar with this scene: you step into your favorite bakery, letting the aroma of freshly-made pastries waft around you. Ahead of you are gleaming glass cases filled with a variety of delicious donuts and treats. You do everything in your power to look around the crowd of hungry customers ahead of you to see if your favorite kind of donut is in stock (and you’re filled with elation when you find that yours is indeed there!). As you pay, your mouth waters with the anticipation of enjoying your beloved pastries, and you can barely keep yourself from ripping into the bag and devouring your treats before you even get back to your car.

Are you the type to order the same donut almost every time? Have you ever wondered what your favorite kind of donut says about your personality? Wonder no more! Read on below to see what your preferred flavor says about you!

Plain Cake Donuts Are you more of a no-fuss donut lover? If so, you’re probably an intelligent individual who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. You’re probably well-organized, like to stay busy, and are really good at problem-solving!

Glazed Donuts Who doesn’t love a warm glazed donut? No one, that’s who! If this is your donut of choice, then you are the quintessence of classic. You are agreeable by nature, innovative, and confident. A reliable and honest friend, you prefer to stick to a schedule and don’t like to waste your time on trivial matters.

Frosted Donuts – Do you always look for frosted donuts in the morning? Then you like having a little flavor in your life. You certainly have your favorite foods and activities, but you enjoy switching things up once in a while to keep things fresh and interesting. You enjoy spending quality time with your friends and tend to be the life of the party!

Sprinkled Donuts Love sprinkled donuts? Then you are young at heart and independent! You have a positive disposition and are a fun and playful person. You are influential, fearless, and optimistic, and your positivity spreads easily to those around you!

Cream-Filled Donuts – Are you a fan of cream-filled donuts? Then you probably are a unique individual who isn’t afraid of a challenge. Diplomatic and down-to-earth, you live for fun and meaningful life experiences and tend to roll with the punches. Oh, and you also have an uncanny ability to read people and are an amazing mediator!

Flavored Glazed Donuts Whether you love chocolate, blueberry, red velvet, or another type of flavored glazed donut, you are a dynamic soul who thrives in the spotlight! Easy-going and enthusiastic, you are a free spirit who excels in problem solving, and you love hosting parties.

Jelly Donuts If jelly donuts are your jam (see what we did there?), then you are adventurous and spontaneous. You’re not afraid to try anything new, whether it’s a new experience, new foods, or a new place to visit. Adventure is the name of the game – you’re never known to just sit back and watch things unfold. You want to be in the thick of things and enjoy the thrill of the moment!

Donut Holes Love donut holes? Then you are probably someone with a level head and a kind heart. While you love indulging, you know that moderation is the answer to everything. You also are happy to share with your friends and seek to find balance in all that you do.

Powdered Sugar Donuts – If you have a penchant for powdered sugar donuts, then you probably have a confident, fearless personality. You’re more than happy to jump in and tackle a project head-on at work and tend to be the one in your group of friends who will want to try out the newest roller coaster or eat an unconventional item on the menu at your favorite restaurant.

No matter what your favorite donut is, you’re sure to find them freshly baked here at McArthur’s Bakery Café! Stop in at any of our locations to indulge in your favorites and grab a hot cup of coffee today!